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USB Programmer is required to program/config MinimOSD! 

The Strider family has expanded!  Introducing the newest members the FLEX delivering a flexible versatile PDB to the existing Strider airframe

Instruction Manual: StriderFLEX_User_Guide.pdf


Does not come with MinimOSD. You will need a MinimOSD KV Mod for OSD to work. 

• Does not include Pololu 5V. Only needed for RGB LEDs

• 3k twill weave Carbon Lower Plate, Upper Plate, 4x Arms, HD camera mount, G10 FPV cam plate.

• FLEX PDB (center plate).

• Premium lightweight and durable anodized aluminum and nylon hardware set.


• Perfect X symmetry, ultra stiff and light frame design provides for the best possible flight characteristics

• Rugged, stiff, and durable carbon fiber frame designed to survive non-stop crashes

• Lightweight and ultra compact folding frame weighs only 128g and measures 208mm x 65mm x 40mm folded up

• Support for both 5” and 6” propellers with extending arms and on the fly configuration swap; measures 250mm -264mm

• Vibration isolation mount allows for silky smooth HD recording

• Forward oriented chassis design provides a 123 degree horizontal FOV for you HD camera with no extension plates required on both 5” and 6” prop configurations

• Pop Slot allows the arms to 'give’ on a crash to absorb impact and still allow take-off w/o fear of props hitting chassis, quick reset design allows you to quickly reset arms to the preconfigured position instantaneously

• All ESCs mount within the chassis and a minimal arm profile provides maximum lift with minimal prop wash loss

• M2 12 x 16mm and M3 16 x 19mm bolt patterns fits a wide variety of motors

What You Need To Add: 

Flight Controller, Video Transmitter, FPV Camera, 4x Motors, 4x ESCs, Battery, and Propellers.

Recommended Electronics: 

• Flight Controller: Naze32 or CC3D

• Speed Controllers: BS12A ESCs or BLHeli 12A ESCs

• Motors: Sunnysky x2204s – 2300KV or Cobra 2204-2300KV, Cobra 2204-1960KV

• Video Transmitter: 5.8Ghz ImmersionRC 600mw

• Video Antenna: Cloverleaf or Skew Planer Wheel

• Flight Camera: 35mm PZ0420 or 25mm bracket mounted HS1177

• Batteries: 3s (1300-2200) or 4s (1300 - 2200)

• Propellers: 5x3 GF, 5x4 GF, 5x4.5 HQ, 6x3 HQ, 6x4.5 HQ, 6x4 GF


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