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Instruction Manual: Strider_User_Guide.pdf

Firmware Upgrade Utility:

Baseflight Starting Config: baseflight_backup_227.txt

Cleanflight Starting Config: cleanflight_backup_0302.txt

Introducing a new 250mm size FPV Quadcopter with enormous amount of tech in an extremely compact package.  We've integrated a ton of timely, costly, and complicated external features into the frame to save you money, time, and headaches while delivering the most feature rich balanced mini quad on the market today!

• 128g lightweight, compact, ultra-stiff, folding, 250mm symmetric, & highly durable carbon fiber airframe

• Premium all aluminum and nylon hardware mix for ultimate weight and strength

• Designed for both 5” and 6” props and a unique dual folding mechanism (one for crashes, one for storage)

• Filtered regulated power support for 3S-4S

• Jello-free isolated HD video mount provides silky smooth video

• RROSD (Integrated OSD) timer, voltage, current sensor, RSSI (digital and analog), remotely controlled super bright LEDs and lost model siren.

• Filtered power for FPV transmitter and camera



• 3k twill weave Carbon Lower Plate, Upper Plate, 4x Arms, HD camera mount, G10 FPV cam plate.

• RROSD PDB (center plate).

• Premium lightweight and durable anodized aluminum and nylon hardware set.


• Perfect X symmetry, ultra stiff and light frame design provides for the best possible flight characteristics

• Rugged, stiff, and durable carbon fiber frame designed to survive non-stop crashes

• Lightweight and ultra compact folding frame weighs only 128g and measures 208mm x 65mm x 40mm folded up

• Support for both 5” and 6” propellers with extending arms and on the fly configuration swap; measures 250mm -264mm

• Vibration isolation mount allows for silky smooth HD recording

• Forward oriented chassis design provides a 123 degree horizontal FOV for you HD camera with no extension plates required on both 5” and 6” prop configurations

• Pop Slot allows the arms to 'give’ on a crash to absorb impact and still allow take-off w/o fear of props hitting chassis, quick reset design allows you to quickly reset arms to the preconfigured position instantaneously

• All ESCs mount within the chassis and a minimal arm profile provides maximum lift with minimal prop wash loss

• M2 12 x 16mm and M3 16 x 19mm bolt patterns fits a wide variety of motors


• Built-in power distribution and regulators to handle 3S and 4S systems

• 12V and 5V output for FPV cam

• Accurate flight pack voltage, current draw, and mAh consumption display

• RSSI (digital and analog compatible) displays in percentage

• Remote control crosshair in OSD

• Autoflight timer

• Remote control of super bright LEDs for orientation and chasing

• Remote lost model siren

• Programmable alarms for pack voltage & current consumption

• Firmware Upgradable (currently on FW version 3)

Alternative Firmware Upgrade Utility (no Aux input):

What You Need To Add: 

Flight Controller, Video Transmitter, FPV Camera, 4x Motors, 4x ESCs, Battery, and Propellers.

Recommended Electronics: 

USB Firmware Upgrade Programmer 

• Flight Controller: Naze32 or CC3D

• Speed Controllers: BS12A ESCs or BLHeli 12A ESCs

• Motors: Sunnysky x2204s – 2300KV or Cobra 2204-2300KV, Cobra 2204-1960KV

• Video Transmitter: 5.8Ghz ImmersionRC 600mw

• Video Antenna: Cloverleaf or Skew Planer Wheel

• Flight Camera: 35mm PZ0420 or 25mm bracket mounted HS1177

• Batteries: 3s (1300-2200) or 4s (1300 - 2200)

• Propellers: 5x3 GF, 5x4 GF, 5x4.5 HQ, 6x3 HQ, 6x4.5 HQ, 6x4 GF

*Due to the nature of the installation of this item requiring direct soldering, Return and Warranty claims are only considered on units that have not been soldered and within 30 days of purchase date*

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